By Claire West

SEO Junkies know how important it is for you to achieve page 1 rankings. They are a dedicated team of SEO experts who are determined to get you to page 1 of Google so you can reap the benefits of a top position. Their team has plenty of experience in achieving high rankings for their clients and as a result they have been able to work with global retailers such as Tie Rack to help them to improve their online presence.

Tie Rack came to SEO Junkies in 2010, after working with their sister company Advansys to build a successful high conversion ecommerce website. SEO Junkies were given the task of building up an online presence for the world renowned retailer of mens and womens accessories. SEO Junkies and Tie Rack agreed upon 10 main keywords for their search engine optimisation to focus on and then monitored the effectiveness of these keywords through SEO Junkies’ own bespoke reporting system. This provided them with the tools to narrow down their keywords to those which were most effective. Tie Rack’s website was also designed in a way that would ensure that their rankings would not be diluted by their keywords. The good relationship between SEO Junkies and Tie Rack also meant that they could always be sure that the chosen keywords were relevant to the market Tie Rack were trying to target.

Tie Rack’s site is frequently cached thanks to the regular blog postings provided by SEO Junkies. The nature of Tie Rack’s industry meant that SEO Junkies were required to write copy that was not only beneficial to search engine optimisation but also written in a fashion orientated way, common to fashion magazines. Authority for the website was also built up through expert page rank sculpting methods and backlinking schemes including article/PR submissions, and backlinks placed on high ranking industry themed websites.

Through keyword rich product descriptions and category text SEO Junkies achieved 52 keywords on page 1 of Google for Tie Rack, resulting in an increase of nearly ten times the amount of traffic they were receiving before the SEO project, form 24, 000 to 230, 000. This also resulted in a tenfold increase in revenue month to month.

Overall, SEO Junkies helped Tie Rack gain relevant, high conversion traffic to their site and increased the number of keywords Tie Rack were appearing on page 1 of Google for. Presently SEO Junkies are still continuing their work with Tie Rack to ensure that their high positions on Google are maintained

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