Self-insight is a business psychology consultancy.

If you need to select the best candidates for key roles, we can help you compare and contrast using objective assessments such as psychometric tests, assessment centres, situational judgment tests, structured interviews etc.

If you want to understand how your employees think and feel about your organisation and their jobs, we run employee surveys and work with management and employees to map out what needs to be done to improve effectiveness, engagement or wellbeing.

If you want to assess your employees either for performance appraisal or development, we offer psychometric tests, 360-degree feedback, courses and coaching.

If you want to use psychology as part of your marketing strategy we can help you understand consumer behaviour, segmentation, focus groups, online marketing experiments etc.

What makes us different?
We focus on results, outcomes, measures, rigour and evaluation.
We are commercially oriented.
We are sceptical of the psychobabble that is so prevalent in this field.
We are evidence-based and research-based.
We uphold strong ethical values.

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