By Daniel Hunter

The UK's self-employed workers are making a dash for cash, chasing more than £200 a month in late paymnts, according to mobile payments business Paym.

Paym said this meaning that self-employed workers are chasing nearly a fifth (18%) of their income each month, significantly impacting their cash flow and forcing them to spend time recovering debts. The figure rises to £1,846 for other small businesses with between one and nine employees.

The research showed that the worst affected are labourers like window cleaners, builders, plumbers, electricians and gardeners.

Despite having the best intentions (86% of us agree that paying small businesses on time is important and 57% would prefer to pay by cash), 28% regularly have to dust off cheque books, make a dash to the cash machine (44%) or simply pay late (17%).

Craig Tillotson, Managing Director of Paym said: “Window cleaners, gardeners and decorators are facing challenges from well-meaning customers who often don’t have the cash on them to pay there and then."