By Jonathan Davies

More than 200 business managers have signed an open letter supporting the case for Scottish Independence.

It comes a day after 130 business leaders signed an open letter, published in the Scotsman newspaper, suggesting the business case for independence hadn't been made.

The chairman of Stagecoach, Sir Brian Souter, and Clyde Blowers boss Jim McColl are among those who signed the pro-independence letter, which was published in The Herald.

The letter states: "An independent Scotland will recognise entrepreneurs small and large as the real wealth and job creators of the nation's economic future.

"It will encourage a culture in which innovation, endeavour and enterprise are nurtured. It will place power in the hands of Scotland's people to channel the huge resources of our country in the interests of those who live and work here."

The letter also argues that a real threat to Scotland is "real possibility of a British exit from the European common market".

Other signatories include Ralph Topping, retired chief executive of William Hill, Professor Nathu Puri, founder of Purico, former Scottish Enterprise chairman Sir Donald Mackay and former RBS chairman Sir George Mathewson.

The Scottish public will vote "Yes" or "No" on the question "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

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