By Max Clarke

The uses of automated dialler systems are becoming increasingly risky for the marketing industry. With the penalty extended to £2 million for failure to comply with guidelines, Data Protection House offers companies an alternative suppression file to avoid upsetting the authorities.

According to the Civil Society website, data cleansing is necessary for organisations running marketing campaigns because the costs of failing to cleanse is far lower than the expenses associated with wastage and returns from bad information.

Whilst it is a legal requirement for companies to register with the Telephone Preference Service, companies are avoiding doing so due to inflated fees. This means that some call centres are ringing customers whilst they’re fully aware have asked not to be contacted. This is unnecessary as Data Protection House and their comprehensive data is easily accessible.

Data Protection House has reported that many companies admit lack of legislation due to the high costs. For those who avoid the law, Data Protection House is part of the solution and a step closer to pursuing telesales leads in a correct manner.

Customers who pay to be registered on a ‘Do Not Call’ list are more aware of the industry rules and regulations and are therefore more prone to reporting offenders. This allows for an impartial conduct of business, making it easier for both the industry and consumers to avoid unwelcome calls.

Data Protection House works in conduit with its sister company, CPR Global. 250,000 customers have registered with the service due to experiences of harassment by marketing companies. This indicates that those registered with CPR Global have made a particular effort for the calls to stop, which means that they aren’t interested in canvassed products.

The suppression file is information that has been gathered by CPR to prevent companies from wasting time, calling masses of null and void data. Companies are obliged to conform with the privacy requirements of consumers under the ICO guidelines.

Data Protection House also enables a more competent and proficient workforce, who are less likely to be deterred by angry customers not wanting to be bothered under any circumstance. By cleansing your data, you will increase the prospect of success and contribute to the security of your company’s reputation.

A spokeswoman for Data Protection House says, “Our service enables telemarketing companies to manage their time more efficiently and concentrate on a more valuable database, avoiding mis-selling and coercion”.

Predictive and automated dialling systems have proven an irritation for householders, leaving them disturbed and fearful. Automated dialling plays a significant part of the marketing process and the fear of inducing a penalty is becoming a great concern. So it is vital to see these
processes as best as possible for the reputation of your company.

When calls are made to those registered with a registry, word of mouth can spread like a virus. This often leads to a damaged reputation and a decline in their credibility, not forgetting the detrimental effect to direct marketing and telemarketing as a whole.

Marketing companies waste a considerable amount of time on customer’s who are blatantly not interested or are irate at the thought of a company contacting them.

To avoid your company discovering a wealth of null and void data and ultimately paying a hefty £2 million penalty for their over enthusiastic data, the need to register your details with Data Protection House is vital, lawful and effortless. It cuts out the disappointment and discontent of both your customers and staff. Visit www.dataprotectionhouse.com for more information.