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By David Plumb, Head of SME Sales, O2

Did you know that UK PLC could save a huge £1.2 billion by conducting a simple review of essential services to make sure they’re getting the best deal?

We recently completed some research with Professor Christopher Bones of the Henley Business School that showed just that.

Almost half of businesses admitted to not having reviewed or switched their essential suppliers within the past two years - or even longer. This includes 15% who’ve never reviewed expenditure on essential business services such as technology, telecoms and utilities.

The question is, have you?

If not, you might be interested in the most staggering finding from the research. Of those businesses who’ve reviewed and consolidated their suppliers, 76% made a saving by doing so. The average amount saved was just over £10,000!

How can O2 help?

Some of you will think of O2 as a mobile company and it’s true that more SME customers do business with us than any other UK mobile network.

What you may not know is that we now sell landlines and support services as well as the mobiles we’re famous for.

This means that you can get everything you need from one supplier. Mobiles, mobile broadband, email on the move, landlines, support services and more.

Receiving one bill and getting support from one UK based team.

We call it joining up your communications.

Why bother?

Well, it means less admin and less hassle. And will allow you to review and consolidate your suppliers.

And, what about mobile?

Mobility is still key, as we know that it can help customers become more productive and effective.

Our business customers have told us that nearly a quarter of their people now spend up to half their time out of the office. And the majority have some employees who are mobile, at least some of the time.

O2’s Small Business Confidence Index questioned nearly 3,000 small business owners. Nearly two thirds (65%) of the businesses claimed that the use of mobile technology had actively helped their business. Citing greater staff flexibilities and the ability to keep in touch with customers and suppliers as the greatest benefits. Nearly half of the respondents (44%) revealed that technologies such as converged mobile devices and mobile internet had resulted in a more productive workforce.

Mobile solutions can help you run your business more effectively – allowing you to work wherever you are and whenever you want.

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, streamline your business, improve your customer experience, drive new business or all of the above, it’s certainly worth considering how mobile solutions could help you.

Our approach

We know that every business is different. We work with our customers to understand their needs, objectives and business challenges. And then develop solutions to meet these.

What we offer isn’t just about landline or just about mobile or just about services – it’s about a complete communications solution.

However you want to communicate, we can help you become a joined up business.

David Plumb is Head of SME Sales with O2. He can be contacted at, adn to find out more about O2's business offerings, visit

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