By Marcus Leach

The Barcelona Appeal Court has ruled that Ryanair's boarding card reissue penalty is lawful and complies with Spanish and EU law.

This final ruling overturns a lower Court finding that the boarding card reissue penalty did not comply with Spanish law.

Ryanair highlighted that less than 1% of passengers pay this boarding card reissue penalty which applies only in those rare cases where passengers fail to comply with their agreement, given at the time of booking, that they will web check in online before arriving at the departure airport.

"We welcome this final ruling which we understand cannot be appealed and removes any confusion in Spain of the lawful nature of our boarding card reissue penalty," Ryanair's Daniel de Carvalho said.

"This is the first of a number of bizarre lower court rulings in Barcelona which we expect will be overturned on appeal. We urge all Ryanair passengers to ensure that they check in online prior to arriving at their departure airport, in which case no boarding card reissue penalties will arise. By checking in online passengers can also avoid check-in queues and minimise their dwell times at the airport."

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