By Max Clarke

Two-thirds of UK businesses agree that the Royal Wedding should be a public holiday, according to a survey of 4,000 employers commissioned by workplace provider Regus.

There’s been talk about employers bemoaning the proximity of Easter and the Royal Wedding, and the fact there will be two consecutive four-day weekends in April and May. But the Regus research suggests otherwise: more than six out of ten employers are happy for their staff to shut down the computer and celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day.

Most likely to be hanging out the bunting for the royal matrimonials are large companies - almost three-quarters in the Regus survey support the 29thApril public holiday. Although small and medium-sized companies are slightly less likely to be waving their celebratory flags outside Westminster Abbey, 66% of medium firms and 64% of small firms are also in agreement with the public holiday.

According to Celia Donne, Regional Director at Regus, “Contrary to some reports, the Regus survey shows show that Britain’s employers are happy for their staff to down tools on 29 April. Perhaps their support stems from the fact that the nation wants a day off from talk of austerity.

“Also, it is a proven fact that employers who offer their workforce good work-life balance and flexible working practices can benefit from greater productivity and motivation. These in turn should help them make up for any working hours ‘lost’ for the Royal Wedding.”