By Marcus Leach

Physical regeneration in town centres affected by the summer riots is welcome, but without long-term support, risks only achieving ‘tidier deprivation’, the London Assembly warns today (Monday).

In a letter to the Government, the Assembly’s Economy, Culture and Sport (ECS) Committee underlines the need for a long-term approach to riot regeneration, to accompany the one-off physical regeneration already under way.

The Mayor has provided £50m for regeneration projects in town centres affected by the disturbances, with the Government providing £20m specifically for Tottenham and Croydon. A further £40m could be available as part of the Mayor’s ongoing Outer London Fund. This ‘capital funding’ is a one-off lump sum.

While welcoming the investment in physical regeneration, the Committee supports the Mayor’s view that long-term ‘revenue funding’ is also needed to pay for schemes that support local residents and address underlying problems like the high level of unemployment.

“This summer’s riots revealed shocking social issues in some parts of our city that will take more than a short burst of funding to fix," Dee Doocey AM, Chair of the ECS Committee said.

“The real work comes year after year in our communities and that requires long-term investment. I urge the Government to give London more than just a temporary sticking plaster to cover these deep-rooted problems.”

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