By Max Clarke

£3 million in cash funding including business support from Deloitte, Santander and Barclays is being made available to businesses affected by looting, as announced by London’s Mayor Boris Johnson.

The coalition of businesses has announced the creation of the ‘High Street Fund’, a charitable fund designed to offer immediate cash support to smaller businesses that have suffered from the disturbances across England.

"This fund is about providing real help to businesses who need help now,” commented Sir William Castell, Chairman of the High Street Fund and Chairman the Wellcome Trust.

"Everyone was shocked at the damage caused by the riots, and for numerous small businesses the hardship is still being felt. The High Street Fund will be the channel for the British business community to rally round and aid smaller businesses caught up in the disturbances."

The High Street Fund will provide emergency financial assistance to small businesses that suffered disruption, damage or destruction in the urban riots of August 2011. To qualify for funding, a business owner will need to explain what has happened to his or her business, how it happened, and how assistance from the High Street Fund will help get them back on their feet. The Fund will offer nationwide support to businesses affected across the country by this month’s disturbances.

"I have seen at first hand businesses showing remarkable resilience and true fighting spirit. However, it is no secret that many high streets in the capital are still suffering as a result of the appalling events earlier this month," Mayor Johnson said.

“Small businesses need urgent help to repair damage and get goods back on the shelves and the High Street Fund will help to do just that. I have absolutely no doubt that if we pull together and give our support to the fund we can ensure that London emerges as a stronger and even more prosperous city than before."

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