By Daniel Hunter

As the festival season gets underway, research from Post Office has revealed that festival goers will pack their rucksacks with an average £524 worth of gadgets.

It is estimated over 16 million people will attend one of the UK's festivals and concerts taking gadgets worth a collective total of £8.3billion[iii]. Those heading to festivals and summer events also expect to spend an average £214 per person on tickets, accommodation and food (up 14 per cent from 2011 - £187).

Of those attending, two-thirds (66 per cent) plan to take a digital camera, 10 per cent less than 2011, suggesting people are relying on their smartphones to capture those memorable moments. Over half (57 per cent) are planning to take a smartphone and more than one in five (23 per cent) will be packing an iPad, laptop or tablet device.

The research also reveals 26 per cent of people attending an outdoor event this summer have previously lost, or had items stolen at events. A risk-taking 37 per cent have stashed their valuables in the glove box of a car, potentially leaving valuables exposed to theft.

Post Office Head of Home Insurance, Paul Havenhand, said: "Many people now think the latest mod-cons are as essential as packing a tent, wellies and sleeping-bag; however, with the average haul valued at over £500, revellers need to ensure they stay alert and safeguard any gadgets.

"It is easy to forget about looking after your belongings while having a good time. Yet in the same way that a homeowner would not leave their front door open, those having fun at festivals this summer should be vigilant about the security of their possessions and make sure any valuable items are protected against loss, damage or theft. Some festival goers may also want to consider property marking valuables with a postcode, to make them less desirable to opportunistic thieves, or in the event they are stolen they can be tracked and returned."

Some image conscious festival attendees can't be without their styling tools; five per cent plan to take along a cordless hairdryer or hair-straighteners. And it's not just women (eight per cent) who are concerned with keeping up appearances; two per cent of men admit they won't be leaving home without their hair-styling kits.