By Max Clarke

Businesses need more and better information if they are going to contribute to the success of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, the British Retail Consortium has said.

The Consortium wrote to the Mayor, asking for more information about transport routes and road closures, as well as urging local delivery restrictions be lifted.

"The retail sector is always dependent on a good delivery network and that is even more true at times of increased demand,” said the Consortium’s chief, Stephen Robertson. “Retailers will have to make deliveries overnight during the Games in order to satisfy customer demand.

“We need to know the necessary steps are being taken to lift local restrictions, and to inform the public about what will be going on and why. Test events have also highlighted the need for a single source of information for businesses.

"Time to plan and prepare is a crucial part of making sure businesses enjoy a successful Olympics and are able to provide a top-quality service to consumers. Retailers are being encouraged to put plans in place for next summer but that's difficult to do without a full picture of what the situation is going to be.”

Currently thousands of businesses are set to suffer from extensive road closures and a reorganised transport system. Retailers in particular are anxious as customers driven away by the changes are difficult to regain. Even brief closure could see dozens of businesses permanently lose out on business.

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