By Daniel Hunter

Major retailers are demonstrating their on-going commitment to selling alcohol responsibly by adopting new displays to help shoppers understand how many units are in their drinks.

All of the main food retailers will use a common set of posters and shelf-labels to educate consumers about the units in a typical bottle or can of lager, glass of wine and single measure of spirit.

The scheme, backed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), has been set up in association with the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) and the Department of Health as part of the Public Health Responsibility Deal.

The images are appearing in shops from this month and are also being trialled in pubs and clubs. They are just the latest in a string of initiatives retailers have adopted to reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm. The retail sector has led on efforts to tackle under age sales, provides funding for DrinkAware and introduced unit labelling on own-brand products back in 2007.

"Our retailers have led the way on responsible drinking," British Retail Consortium Food Director, Andrew Opie, said.

"They were the first to adopt unit labelling on their own products and pioneered Challenge 25 to prevent under-age sales. This latest initiative ensures consumers are being provided with consistent information, similar to that displayed in pubs and bars.

"Retailers are demonstrating once again that they are committed to developing a healthy culture around alcohol because this is the right way to tackle the small minority who drink irresponsibly."

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