By Marcus Leach

New research has revealed that 50% of adults surveyed do not have a life policy in place, worryingly, of those without life insurance, 29% have children and 52% are married, meaning loved ones would be left financially disadvantaged should the worst happen.

31% of people do not to take out life insurance because they don’t benefit
from it personally. In fact, people in the UK are so laid back about future
planning for their loved ones, 34% of people say that covering their
possessions is more important than covering their lives, according to research from

Moreover, 20% would prefer to spend their money on an annual holiday and 11% see covering their laptop as more of a priority.

The research suggests a shift in UK mentality with more people opting to
live for the moment, rather than thinking ahead.

However with life insurance policies costing an average of just £22.29 a
month, it's not really affordability that should be questioned but people's

"It's worrying that people are blaming cost for not having any life insurance when they spend so much money on other things, which are arguably less important than future planning for their loved ones," Matthew Lloyd, Head of Life Insurance at, said.

"With over 50% of people not having life insurance and 56% of their partners
not having life insurance this shows a worrying future for peoples loved
ones. The benefit of life insurance is peace of mind; knowing your family
will be looked after financially.

"An average life premium YTD is roughly 74p a day, which is loose change in
many people's pockets, however 34% people say they can't afford it. Shopping
around for the best deal available on comparison sites like is
essential in finding the right policy at the right price."

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