By Maximilian Clarke

A report that highlights an apparent racial bias in the recruitment process is based on flawed assumptions, recruiters have said.

The report by Race for Opportunity made headlines this morning after figures compiled by the charity suggested that 44% of white applicants secured job interviews compared to just 29% of black and Asian applicants.

But the Recruitment and Employment Confederation note that the report fails to mention the age of the two groups. The sample of white applicants were significantly older than the ethnic minorities at a time when employers are favouring experience to the extent that youth unemployment has hit a record high.

Commenting on the report, the REC’s Director of Policy said that the recruitment industry is actively vying to eliminate racial bias, though concedes that ‘more can be done to champion diversity’.

"Most of the recommendations in the report complement the processes and policies that we already have in place as an industry. We need to move the agenda forward and to positively promote the role recruiters play in helping there clients secure the best possible talent from all parts of society."

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