By Max Clarke

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills has today published the first in a series of reports entitled ‘One-in, One-out: Statement of New Regulation’ in which the Coalition Government’s attempts to address restrictive regulation and promote growth, are outlined.

In order to stimulate business and allow economic growth, the Coalition government has formed an agreement promising ‘a bonfire on red tape’.

The Coalition Agreement states that: “there has been an assumption that central Government can only change people’s behaviour through rules and regulations. Our Government will be a much smarter one, shunning the bureaucratic levers of the past and finding intelligent ways to encourage, support and enable people to make better choices for themselves.

As part of the Agreement, the Government launched its ‘Red Tape’ challenge website, where members of the public are can voice their opinions of selected ‘red tape’. Rules whose existence cannot then be justified will be removed.

The BIS report can be viewed online.