By Ben Simmons

An article by Conservative MP Liam Fox arguing labour laws should be relaxed in order to make it easier to hire and fire employees in a bid to reduce barriers to hiring, thus creating more jobs, have been blasted by trade unions as ‘absurd’.

In the Financial Times article, Fox wrote that: “It is too difficult to hire and fire and too expensive to take on new employees. It is intellectually unsustainable to believe that workplace rights should remain untouchable while output and employment are clearly cyclical.”

Mr Fox’s views echo those of various business organisations, notably the Confederation of British Industry. By making it easier to fire unsatisfactory workers, they argue, firms will be less deterred from hiring.

However, trade unions have again responded angrily to the proposals, hailing them as ‘absurd’:

"At a time of rising unemployment and growing redundancies, the very idea of making it easier to sack people seems absurd.

"Economists are telling us we're suffering a crisis of confidence, so making people feel even more insecure about their jobs is hardly going to boost consumer spending."

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