By Maximilian Clarke

A lack of communication between the UK Border Agency and the Home Office, coupled with poor supervision at the UK’s borders are ‘highly troubling’, the Commons Home Affairs Committee have concluded following a report into border controls.

"Border checks carried out at airports and ports in the UK are the final line of defence against those who should be prevented entry,” commented Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the committee.

“The apparent low levels of supervision at the UK Border Agency are highly troubling. The overuse of the HOWI guidelines and the fact that no one appears to have been aware of what was happening demonstrates a lack of oversight and a failure of communication.

“Parliamentary scrutiny is a vital part of UK democracy and the refusal of the Home Office to provide us with several key documents has prevented us from reaching an informed conclusion as to the sequence of events. It is also inconsistent with the Government’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

“It is time for a root and branch reform of the way in which the Home Office and the UKBA interact. Only by doing this will we ensure this Agency is finally fit for purpose."

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