By Max Clarke

Despite the Chancellor declaring a ‘bonfire on red tape’ in his March budget, businesses have again voiced their concern over the mounting regulatory burden facing enterprise.

“The government has made a number of promises to business on reducing regulation,” commented Dr Adam Marshall, policy expert at the British Chambers of Commerce. “Yet too many companies still tell us that the burden of compliance is moving inexorably higher, month after month and year after year. Business values the RPC’s efforts to change the culture in Whitehall.“

“Ultimately, however, it’s up to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to ensure that their cabinet colleagues are not creating new barriers to business growth through the regulatory system. If a proposal fails the RPC’s assessment, it should never find its way onto the statute book. So it is unacceptable that nearly a third of all regulatory proposals are not fit for purpose, and outrageous that government departments are inflating the supposed benefits of their plans so that they can regulate more in future."

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