By Daniel Hunter

A continued red tape drive could deliver a total £20 billion of savings by 2020, by scrapping even more pointless regulations.

The Red Tape Challenge was driven by 30,000 businesses and members of the public from across the UK and overhauled regulation to make sure it works for — and not against — business. This includes heavy duty rules around employment that hinder the creation of new jobs as well as health and safety and environment laws that place unnecessary burdens on firms.

As part of the government’s long term economic plan Business Minister Matthew Hancock has enforced a strict One-in, Two-out rule, meaning government departments are required to find a double cost saving for any new regulation imposed on business.

"This is a milestone for businesses of all shapes and sizes. I am very proud that the government is the first in modern history to cut red tape and free up business to create jobs and prosperity"

"One in two out has delivered a fundamental change in the way Whitehall works. We are unashamedly pro-business and we will always back those who create jobs for others".

"Now we are officially winning the fight at home — we have to take the battle against red tape abroad. The EU has committed to reduce the burden of regulations and follow our lead".

"We need to see action in Brussels to reduce regulation and put jobs and growth first", says Business Minister Matthew Hancock.