By Max Clarke

After an uncertain opening last Thursday, over 6,000 thousand businesses and members of the public have now taken up the government’s Red Tape Challenge to reduce needlessly restrictive and bureaucratic legislation.

As part of the government's Plan for Growth and Chancellor Osborne's 'Bonfire on Red Tape', the challenge is intended to remove restrictions to enterprise allowing businesses to flourish.

Comments have called for changes to, and the end of, many of the rules and regulations that affect the retail sector, from Sunday Trading to bike safety.

Retail sector champion, Dr Kevin Hawkins, welcomed this initial response but urged more retailers, suppliers, trade associations and consumers to get involved and suggest easier, less bureaucratic ways to tackle the issues raised. He said:

“The response so far has been outstanding, but make no mistake this is an opportunity that is too good to miss. For the first time the Government wants to hear from those at the sharp end of the complex, sometimes overwhelming, amount of regulation. Tell us about those rules that really waste your time and money or better still suggest ways of tackling the issues that will make life better for you and your customers.

The website, which closes on the 4th May, also gives the opportunity to comment on a wide range of cross-cutting regulations that affect retailers and consumers, including employment law and health and safety. In future months the website will also deal with other issues that have an impact on the retail sector such as labelling and planning.