By Maximilian Clarke

Nick Clegg's plans to refocus Government enforcement activities to avoid compliant businesses receiving unnecessary 'doorstep checks'.

The Deputy Prime Minister also spoke of the need for a change of culture in which regulators were seen as aides of business, ensuring efficiency and reducing damaging practices, instead of simply as enforcers of rules for the sake of the rules alone.

Mr Clegg’s views have been well received by employment groups, including the Recruitment and Employment Confederation who have run campaigns with the intention of capping inspections carried out on companies to two a year in a bid to 'liberate' businesses, including recruitment agencies, from time-consuming checks and excessive red tape.

Commenting on the Deputy Prime Minister's statement is Tracy Evans, FIRP, Quality Director at Pertemps Recruitment Partnership Ltd and a member of the REC Council and the Employment Policy Committee:

“There is no doubt that enforcement must be properly targeted and that more can be done to co-ordinate the activities of the different Government inspectorates. Time and resources must be spent on chasing down rogue employers and providers who operate under the radar and undercut legitimate businesses. Looking ahead, effective self-regulation may also help the Government to focus its enforcement activities where they can add most value."

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