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More companies were launched in the UK in 2015 than ever before, according to analysis of Companies House and Office for National Statistics (ONS) data.

Software provider Inform Direct, which analysed the data, said 612,565 start-ups were formed in 2015, up from 586,784 the year before.

The vast majority of those were launched in England (551,886), with Scotland (34,711) creating more than double those formed in Wales (14,689), which in turn was double Northern Ireland's figure (7,254).

Unsurprisingly, London led the way in start-up creation in 2015, registering 198,282 new businesses. That figure means there are now more than one million businesses based in London for the first time.

Henry Catchpole, managing director of Inform Direct said: “Our dynamic economy and business-friendly environment are the reasons there is a ‘Great’ in Great Britain.

“All around the world, governments are spending time and money to figure out the best way to foster an entrepreneurial culture that helps boost the economy."

He added: “Of course London has always stormed ahead in business but our figures from 2015 demonstrate that the rest of the UK is also displaying a growing confidence in entrepreneurialism.”

Other areas of the country demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit were Greater Manchester with 28,265 new firms in 2015 and the West Midlands with 26,952. Not far behind was West Yorkshire with 17,066 new companies registered and Essex with 16,147.

You can see the full report here.