Image: JetPack Aviation Image: JetPack Aviation

The UK’s first jetpack flight took off today over the Thames, piloted by aviation enthusiast David Hayman.

The Australian ex-commercial pilot flew 30 metres into the air before making two short trips back and forth towards the Excel centre.

Designed by Nelson Tyler, the JB-10 jetpack has completed over 400 test flights so far, and is expected to launch to the public next year.

Jetpack Aviation co-founders, David Mayman and Nelson Tyler, have worked together for the past decade to make the JB-10 jetpack a reality.

Mr Mayman hopes to make an electric version of the jetpack commercially available for £196,000.

The company has launched its first equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs and is hoping to raise a £300,000 crowdfunding investment to help the development of the jetpack.

Mr Mayman said: “A lot of us spent time in our youth fantasising about what it would be like to follow Buck Rogers up into the air with our very own jetpacks. We are getting a lot closer to launching a commercial product but there is still much further that we can take our design and ideas, so we want to give the crowdfunding community a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in turning a dream into reality.”

JetPack Aviation is now in negotiations with the US military on how the JB-10 could be deployed in the field.

Mr Tyler and Mr Mayman have a research and development agreement in place with the US Special Operations Command to develop a four-turbine jet pack that will lift twice the weight (about 700 pounds).

JetPack Aviation is also in discussion with one of the largest sports marketing companies about sponsoring a series of jetpack races. There are even plans to develop ‘JetPack Top Gun’ experience centres for thrill-seekers across the globe.

Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, said: “Flying to work with a jetpack strapped to your back may be everyone’s favourite science fiction fantasy alongside teleportation and personal space travel, but this is a serious scientific invention that could have huge implications for the aviation sector.

“The funding round is a chance for everyone to get on board with further development of the JB-10 and we are so excited to welcome David Mayman and JetPack Aviation onto Seedrs.”