By Juliet Martin, Regus UK,

If you are considering opening a branch office for your particular office or firm there are a host of issues which you need to look at. Firstly, you will require extra space for your increased workforce. Currently you choose from a number of different options when it comes to office branches. The best port of call is to go in and set up an appointment to go through all the details. If you want to be fully prepared then check out below some of the best questions to ask.


At the end of the day you will need to factor in the cost when setting up a brand new office branch. In this way you should look to ask about everything which covers this particular area such as;

• Printing paper prices
• Scanning
• Rental space costs
• Parking on site

Arrange viewings

At the end of the day it is of vital importance that you set up a wide variety of office viewing in order to gauge the best options. This is because you should organise different types of viewings according to the locations you are searching for. Some of the benefits to arranging office viewings include;

• Having the ability to see at first hand whether the space will be suitable for your own needs.
• Being able to ask any questions about the space.
• A diverse range of offices and locations that can be potentially expanded in the long term.

Opening hours

Another key question which you need to ask when looking to open a brand new branch is of course the opening times. Whether you are looking for offices to rent or enquiring generally it is crucial to know when they are open as well as closed. On the other hand, it will ensure you can find out if you have round the clock access to your potential new office space. This could mean access to late night meetings or conference calls which may be important depending on which sector your company is in.

Food and beverage

There may be food and drinks on site but you should also look into if the office building has a bar or a café. You may have large meetings which need to be catered for so it is always important to find out. This means you can have the chance to benefit from a range of food and beverage throughout the working day such as;

• Tea
• Coffee
• Sandwiches
• Pastries
• Salads.
• A dedicated canteen

Virtual services

If you are searching for the ideal office branch to open you should also look into any possibility for virtual services. This could prove to be an ideal solution to reduce costs, whilst at the same time having your correspondence answered. If office buildings provide this facility you can enjoy;

• An address which you can use for your mail and correspondence
• An assistant who may be able to answer calls on your behalf
• Someone who can arrange meetings and other services

AV facilities

Audio visual facilities are another aspect that you should find out about. It means that you can use different types of materials in order to do a host of professional work including;

• Presentations
• PowerPoint work
• Video conferencing

Meeting rooms

If you have important clients then it is essential the building where your office branch is situated contains meeting rooms. This will be effective for holding meetings which can be conducted in the strictest confidence, whilst giving you an exclusive space to impress clients.

There are several important topics to cover when opening an office branch. If you follow this checklist, you will certainly be on the way to developing new and exciting business opportunities.