By Marcus Leach

John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said, speaking after the Queen's Speech, that it could have been bolder on growth.

The government announced proposals to increase shareholder power, particularly regarding executive pay, as well as launching a Green Investment Bank to provide investment in environmental initiatives.

According to the Queen, the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill would "create the right conditions for economic recovery".

However, Mr Longworth, believes the government must, for the sake of business, make a straight choice between short-term politics and actually boosting the economy.

“Business has said time and time again that the government must choose between boosting the economy or playing short-term politics," he said.

"Businesspeople and voters understand that the economy must come first, especially given continued uncertainty across the eurozone.

“On balance, business will welcome some of the government’s proposed legislative measures, but express serious reservations about others. Positive steps such as reform to employment tribunals and red tape reductions could be undermined by complex new burdens around shared parental leave, for example.

“Ministers could have been bolder by including legislation to establish a British business bank, to further simplify dismissal rules, and to progress the construction of our high-speed rail network. While there are clear wins for business in the government’s programme, ministers are wasting parliamentary time on House of Lords reform and other politically-motivated measures, rather than on more support for growth and jobs.”

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