Interview (1)How do you go about hiring the right people for your business? I don’t believe there is anything more crucial than employing the correct calibre of people to make your business successful. You need to decipher what skills you should be looking for in these people, and how you go about measuring them. What is the most successful way of giving yourself the best possible recruits that you know are right for your business?

Scrap the traditional methods, think about the future

I got caught out for lying on my CV all those years ago on The Apprentice. It’s not something I’m proud of and isn’t something I’d ever encourage other people to do – although according to recent studies as many as 100,000 job applications have done so in the past 3 years. That study also revealed 54% of respondents would fire someone for lying on their CV. So how come Lord Sugar hired me?

The format of The Apprentice meant Lord Sugar was able to watch me perform over the series completing various business tasks. Instead of relying on a piece of paper Lord Sugar was able to judge all the candidates based on their performance and their ability during the tasks. The whole process of assessing talent, even over a couple of hours instead of 12-weeks, means you can identify individuals who will be a success in your organisation but maybe wouldn’t stand out on paper.

More and more organisations are adjusting their approach to recruitment and not just relying on CVs. Many we work with and even our suppliers – including software developers and payroll outsourcing – are using assessments within their hiring processes. At Raw Talent we echo this, we put prospective employees through a series of tasks. As a result, we can see what they can actually do – not what they say they can do.

Nothing beats attitude and work ethic

The assessing and task approach isn’t suitable for every position and the traditional interview still has a place in recruitment in 2016. Preparing for the interview and identifying open questions is hugely important. You need to know what you are trying to find out and achieve from the interview to provide some structure. I’m a firm believer in open questions and asking about an individual’s skills and experience. Don’t just read through their CV and don’t just focus on the past. Ask what they will bring to your organisation and the role in future!

By Lee McQueen, director, Raw Talent Academy