By Marcus Leach

With all the talk of cuts and recession it’s good to hear that the
pioneering spirit is still with us. Not letting the current economic climate
get in the way of a good idea, 20 year old Rose Brown set up a rather unique
business venture and opened the first store of its kind in the UK.

Pure Halal Beauty, a store dedicated solely to Halal Certified and Vegan
Registered beauty products, opened its doors last Christmas in
Birmingham’s Pavilions Shopping Centre.

Now less than a year after opening the business is booming.

Rose’s dedication to providing the best Halal Certified beauty products
has led her to create her own range “The PHB Collection.” Her collection
has nearly 80 unique cosmetic and skincare products and is hand-made in the UK using the finest, all natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Rose says the response to her new range has been overwhelming.

“People have been really positive. I have had support and encouragement from around the country (through our website) from people who are so happy to have found us," she said.

"Muslims, vegans and vegetarians love our products because they don’t
conflict with their personal and religious beliefs. Our products also appeal
to the conscious consumer who's looking for chemical-free beauty products.
People who want to use natural, ethical and beneficial beauty products are
always so pleased with our phenomenal range as well as our extremely
affordable prices!”

As well as launching her PHB Collection, Rose has teamed up with City
College Birmingham to offer apprenticeships to young students.

“This time last year I was a student myself so I understand how difficult it is for young people trying to find work. I’m really pleased to be able to offer
students the opportunity to gain vital work experience with Pure Halal
Beauty,” she added.

While many people would baulk at the idea of setting up a business in the
current climate Rose welcomes the challenge, “Some people think I’m
crazy(!) but I have great belief in the products I’m selling and the
prospects for expansion are looking very promising.”

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