By Daniel Hunter

HR bosses working in the public sector are least likely to deploy LinkedIn for their recruitment needs, according to Norrie Johnston Recruitment.

Forty-four per cent of those working in the public sector said that LinkedIn has no role in their executive recruitment process — almost twice the average. Just one in four (24%) report that their internal recruitment teams use LinkedIn, whereas in logistics and retail the figure rises to 76% and in professional services it’s 86%.

The report suggests that while a third of the world’s professionals are registered on LinkedIn, 50% of public sector personnel heads never look at LinkedIn profiles.

Even when a senior candidate has applied for a job, a quarter of HR bosses in the public sector don’t think to take a look at them on LinkedIn. This could be because public sector decision makers appear most sceptical about what they see on LinkedIn — with just 3% believing all that they see when they look at a profile.

In terms of assessing the backgrounds of senior candidates, they grant LinkedIn a usefulness score of only 2.6 out of ten. In stark contrast, counterparts manufacturing give it a score of over 6, leisure and catering give it a score of almost 7, professional services score LinkedIn over 7 for usefulness and logistics and retail give it a score of over 9.

But the report claims that a lack of understanding of LinkedIn’s power could also be part of the problem as when compared with public sector HR bosses scoring their knowledge of LinkedIn 6/10.

Despite this lack of familiarity and scepticism, public sector HR heads are putting money into social media platforms - 26% advertise for senior executives on LinkedIn and 9% advertise such roles on twitter and a further 16% are considering advertising on these platforms.

Norrie Johnston, head of executive search at Norrie Johnston Recruitment, said: “In their keenness to cover all the bases and reach out to all of the available talent, public sector organisations are embracing LinkedIn as an advertising medium, which is good to see as there are over 350 million members on the channel at the moment. However, it’s a shame that the same organisations are missing out on some of the other possibilities which LinkedIn offers to executive recruitment.”