By Daniel Hunter

Jobseekers favour roles in the public sector by three to one, according to research from leading UK jobs website

The majority of those surveyed (64%) said they would prefer to work in the same role for a public sector organisation, compared to the private sector which attracted only 25% of jobseekers.

Public sector employers are viewed in a positive light by 83% of jobseekers, while 59% claim better career development is the primary reason for preferring public sector roles. A further 54% state the public sector offers them a chance to give something back to society and 56% would recommend a job in the public sector to graduates.

This positive view comes despite the fact that 57% of respondents believe public sector cuts have made services worse in the UK. Furthermore, over half (52%) believe the cuts to pay and pensions will deter candidates from joining the sector while 68% believe the answer to attracting jobseekers is extra funding granted at local government level.

“Positions in the public sector remain very appealing to jobseekers that see opportunities for career progression. With more public sector cuts anticipated and high demand for the positions available, competition will be fierce," Director of Public Sector at, Mike Booker said.

"Recruiters can help jobseekers with private sector experience identify their transferrable skills and communicate their passion to convince potential employers that they can successfully make the transition.”

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