By Neil Lathwood, IT Director At UKFast

There is a recurring theme when SMEs are asked why they have not adopted cloud technology within their business: security and reliability.

As a shared service, public cloud solutions do not offer the peace of mind of dedicated hardware. A private cloud offers a middle ground for SMEs to have the capabilities of the public cloud but in an isolated, and safer, environment.

Private clouds don’t share security or processing resources, like public clouds, meaning all resources are dedicated to your own solution. This isolation from other network users enables high performance, high availability and maximum security, while still offering the benefit of reduced capital outlay that cloud solutions offer, as there is no cost of buying or maintaining hardware.

Private cloud solutions integrate the flexibility, efficiency and collaborative aspects of cloud computing with security, reliability and control of a dedicated solution.

Digital marketing agency Gecko adopted a private cloud solution to meet the spikes in capacity caused by campaign cycles, something that worked particularly well during the company’s work with Weight Watchers.

The diet firm works in campaign cycles, with three main cycles taking place each year. Andy Milner, Gecko’s development director says the private cloud has allowed the company to be responsive to the demands of its client’s campaign activity.

“It’s a live example of how important a private cloud solution is to us. Each cycle requires us to produce 2.2 million outputs, that’s 6.6 million a year. A private cloud puts us in the position to deal with the response that comes with that level of activity without compromising on our performance.”

Milner says: “We have the flexibility and the performance we need, when we need it and the ability to switch that on or off when it’s required.

“It means we can grow and grow and grow without having to change our platform or our architecture every time we bring on a new client or several large clients.”

Milner says: “Our clients are dealing with heavy spikes at particular times of year. A private cloud means we are able to call upon more capacity when we need it without suffering any degradation in performance, which is critical to our clients.

“As our client base has grown it’s become more important for us to provide a technologically-advanced solution and UKFast helps us to do that with a private cloud.”

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