By Marcus Leach

Recent surveys carried out by Touch Local in the publishing of their new 2011 Local Business Report have thrown up some interesting statistics.

Findings in the report show that small business owners are now firmly of the opinion that no one under the age of 50 will be using print directories by the end of 2012.

The report also shows that small business entrepreneurs are putting their money where their mouth is, with a staggering 93% of them planning on cutting their advertising spend in print directories in 2012.

With small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) responsible for almost sixty percent of the country’s private sector employment, giving business owners an opportunity to have their say is crucial. Touch Local think so, and have announced the publication of their 2011 Local Business Overview Report.

Data for the report has been compiled during the year via weekly surveys answered by many of the country’s most noteworthy small and medium-sized businesses. These surveys formed the basis of an informative forum, through which business owners could have their say on topics including business, the economy and general developments in their own sector.

Ivelina Arabadzhieva, the author of the report explains, one section of the report highlights a stark fact about how UK SME’s plan to advertise in 2012.

“One section of our report feeds back on how businesses intent to advertise in the future, in order to help everyone predict the upcoming trends” says Ivelina.

“As our data shows, it seems that more and more businesses plan to move away from traditional print advertising, instead turning their attention to digital and new media channels”.

In fact, the statistics say it all. Ninety Six Percent of business owners reported that they plan to spend more on social media advertising in 2012, with fifty two percent planning to spend less on print advertising placements.

Data such as this, according to Ivelina, allows everyone to prepare for what the coming year will bring.

“We diligently collect data all year in order to produce our end-of-year report. It isn’t just for fun — the trends and habits that we can predict will allow all businesses to prepare for a busy and profitable 2012, as well as get a heads-up on which elements of their operation could use a little more attention” she says.

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