By Daniel Hunter

Prime Minister David Cameron is in Indonesia with a senior business delegation in a bid to help UK companies break into one of the leading fast-growing economic powers.

The Prime Minister is accompanied by a delegation of over 30 senior business leaders including Samir Brikho from Amec and Professor Martin Bean from the Open University. He will also hold talks with the Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on a range of bilateral issues.

In total, deals worth more than £326million will be signed by British companies.

- EADS will sign a deal worth £326m for the sale of 11 Airbus A330 jets to Garuda Airlines.

- Benoy has announced their intention to conduct a master-planning and feasibility study for a 3.9 hectare site in Jakarta’s central business district. The project will introduce a new, world class concept in city living, working, shopping and entertainment. Benoy has also announced a deal to develop a world-class arts venue in Jakarta.

- Monitise, a company specialising in mobile telephone banking and money transfer, will launch a joint-venture with Indonesian company Astra-Graphia Information Technology. The deal is expected to create more than 100 jobs in the UK and more than 250 jobs in Indonesia by 2015.

Indonesia is the world’s third largest democracy and the world’s most populous Muslim nation. There is a rapidly expanding middle class of 45million, representing a vast opportunity for British goods and services. Bilateral trade between the UK and Indonesia in 2010 stood at £2.2billion, a 17 per cent increase on the year before.

“Indonesia is one of the most exciting emerging economies of the 21st century. It has developed into one of the fastest-growing and stable economies in the world," Trade Minister, Lord Green, who is travelling with the Prime Minister, said.

“We want British companies to realise the fantastic opportunities that exist in Indonesia and make the most of them.”

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