By Claire West

In his first Party Conference speech as Prime Minister, David Cameron has laid out his vision for Government.

Speaking to Conservative Party members in Birmingham he said that just as two parties came together to form the coalition, so the entire country must now come together in the national interest. Speaking directly to the British public in a re-affirmation of his big idea of the Big Society, he said, 'Your country needs you'.

The Prime Minister also made the case for a redefined approach to fairness - supporting people out of poverty and not trapping them in dependency. He said, "for too long we have measured success in tackling poverty by the size of the cheque we give people. We say let's measure our success by the chance we give."

And he restated the case for deficit reduction, pointing out that delaying action would cost Britain more. He declared, "it means that after years of cuts not only would the national debt still be growing... the problem would still be getting worse and as a result the cuts would be bigger not smaller."

The speech brought down the curtain on the Conservative Party's annual gathering, which was attended by more than 12,000 people, significantly up on last year.