By Jonathan Davies

Premier League football clubs spent a record £835m in the summer 2014 transfer window, according to Deloitte.

Clubs had already spent a record £725m before 'Transfer Deadline Day' even began. But last minutes transfers including like Danny Welbeck's £16m move to Arsenal took the spending to a new all-time high of £835m.

This summer was notorious for big money signings made by Premier League clubs. Manchester United signed Angel Di Maria for a British record fee of £59m. Other big-money moves included Diego Costa (£32m) and Cesc Fabregas (£25m) to Chelsea, Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal (£35m), Luke Shaw (£27m) to Manchester United.

Deloitte's analysis showed that £530m went to foreign clubs, £240m to the Premier League and £65m to Football League clubs.

Dan Jones, partner in the Sports Business Group, said: “This summer transfer window is one of records.

“It has so far seen a higher level of spending than in any previous window, with a new record gross spend in a single window for a single Premier League club, and has included a record transfer fee for an individual player in English football.

“Considering that in each of the last two summer windows more than 20% of total Premier League clubs’ spending has occurred on deadline day, there is still potential for a significant increase in that figure.

“There are a number of factors contributing to this summer’s spend, including the showcase for global talent a World Cup provides.

“However, one of the main drivers of Premier League spending continues to be the increased resources clubs now have as a result of improved broadcast deals.

“Last season the average Premier League club received around £25m more in central broadcast distributions than they did in 2012/13, which helped fuel a record transfer window last summer.

“We are again seeing Premier League clubs use these resources to contribute to what is a new record this summer.”

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