By Stanley Harris OBE, Managing Partner of Lyndales Solicitors,

SMEs who are unnecessarily facing expensive legal fees and court disputes because they didn’t get the right advice before being faced with a legal problem could avoid court action altogether by being proactive in getting the right legal advice.

No small business wants to think about ending up in court and the costs associated with fighting a legal battle, but the reality is that most businesses will experience legal problems at some point. Much like insurance services that are in place to protect a business should the worst happen, as a legal expert I firmly believe that SMEs should also approach their legal needs in the same way, by planning ahead for any unforeseen problems.

Lawyers are often seen as an expensive luxury that business owners can forget about and put at the bottom of the drawer, at least until their business is really making money, or it’s faced with an actual legal problem. The reality is that legal support is increasingly becoming a necessity as soon as a business is off the ground.

With over 30 years’ experience in looking after the needs of SMEs and after seeing small clients in desperate financial situations time and time again due to legal issues, I wanted to find a way to help them avoid these problems ahead of time, by tackling any issues when they first arise, or ideally, avoiding them altogether.

At Lyndales Solicitors, myself and my team have pioneered a new approach to legal services for SMEs that enables them to pay a fixed fee for legal services on a monthly basis. SMEs already signed up to the programme are seeing the benefits of having immediate advice and helping them to avoid making costly mistakes which could have cost them many thousands of pounds more further down the line.

In my experience, when I see most clients with a commercial or business issue, it has already become a problem. There are many common legal scenarios, which could have either been avoided entirely, or could have been dealt with in a cheaper, more efficient way by having agreements, documents and processes in place which would have provided a solution to the problem or avoided it altogether. The new BizLaw 360 service is a very affordable way for SMEs to minimise the risks of preventable court cases, whilst at the same time, managing cash flow and keeping the business protected.