By Carol Ann Walters, Press and Publicity

Where do you want to go?

Start by asking yourself the questions, where do you want your business to be seen within a certain time frame? Do you have the capacity to handle larger numbers of clients/orders?

Who do you want to talk to?

Do some research. Find out how your target audience get its information. What papers do they read? Do they listen to local radio? What TV shows do they watch? The more you narrow this target down the more effective you will be.

What do you want to say?

By consistently describing your business in the same way and communicating three or four key messages you are much more likely to succeed in getting your message across. Key messages should be clear, concise and readily understood. Decide how you'll get the message to your target audience.

What methods will you use?

Alongside the media relations activity of press releases, feature pitching and more recently of social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.), you could add, for example, lobbying, consultations, conferences, competitions, events and newsletters to form part of a PR plan. Your methods should be based as much as possible on what you know about your target audience.

Strategy timetables

Give yourself targets and a timetable and identify newsworthy events happening in your business such as a new appointment, launching a new product or organising an event. If your event is next month, make sure that you allow at least two weeks in advance to contact weekly newspapers. Magazines may need a story or feature three months in advance.


Target your resources at the methods you think will be most effective. Good PR does not have to cost the earth, but it does require careful planning.

Monitoring and evaluation

Take time to evaluate and measure the results. Plan time in for this on a regular basis, even if it is simply a matter of press monitoring (www.pickanews.com is a great, free-to-use resource) and keep a record of the number of enquiries/orders you receive. Be prepared and able to adjust your plan as you go along.

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For more information, please contact Carol Ann Walters Press & Publicity on phone 020 8289 0460 or drop her an email at carol@cawpr.co.uk

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