By Claire West

Following the announcement of spending cuts for parents leading to the increase on pocket money cuts for their children, one thought leadership strategist and business advisor for Young Enterprise is saying that you are never to young to become an entrepreneur and start earning your own money.

Mindy Gibbins-Klein (MBA) has reacted to the news by urging children and young adults that now is the time to find thier entrepreneurial spirit. She wants every young person to get started now, set up a business to make the most out of thier ideas.

Ms Gibbins-Klein, who is also a business advisor for Young Enterprise, commented: "When I was growing up, we all had jobs as teenagers. We did babysitting, mowed lawns, washed cars and tidied shop floors. It taught us the value of money and it got us into very good habits of work from an early age".

"As sad as it is that parents are having to cut back on pocket money, it is a blessing in disguise because teenagers will learn the real value of money" continues Gibbins-Klein.

As a representative of Young Enterprise, Ms Gibbins-Klein strongly believes that by allowing young people the chance to experiment with entrepreneurial ideas and gain the satisfaction of seeing their ideas work and earn money, that this will provide for a much better future.

"Starting a real business might seem scary, but with the help and advice available today from Young Enterprise and many other organisations, teenagers should be feeling excited about taking control of their own destiny - and bank accounts!" concludes Gibbins-Klein.