By Claire West

Recent figures show an average of 69 graduates compete for every graduate-level post*. With university leavers facing adversity in the job market, Webfusion, the UK’s leading web hosting provider, is giving students the opportunity to gain advantage against competitors.

Webfusion’s current under-graduates Tom Cummings and Randal Whitmore work in online marketing and social media positions respectively. Randal, who studies Business Management and Marketing at Brunel University, says his passion for social media attracted him to the placement.

He says, “Social media is an integral part of Webfusion’s business as it enables the company to interact with customers and gain important feedback. In recent years there’s been a significant rise in the use of social media in the business world and I know that this is something I want to do with my career. The hands on experience I’m gaining during this placement is sure to be vital in providing me with an advantage over other graduate job seekers.”

Tom studies Marketing Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and has a keen interest in online marketing. He says, “Working at Webfusion has confirmed my interest in online marketing as a future career option. This placement is a great opportunity to learn about the industry from professionals, handle responsibilities and gain new skills.”

Thomas Vollrath, CEO at Webfusion comments, “The job market is increasingly tough for graduates and a degree is no longer the only prerequisite for employment. Recruiters want experience, which can pose a problem for many graduates who are fresh out of university but have little or no experience of a working environment.

“We see it as vital that young talent who we hope will become tomorrow’s business leaders receive the opportunity to gain the experience and skills needed to take them forward towards a successful career. In return we benefit from their enthusiasm, talent and the fresh ideas they bring.”

*Figures from Association of Graduate Recruiters