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Shell experts Peter Redmond and Richard Armstrong have taken control of small investment company Pires Investments ("Pires") and, if past performance is anything to go by, Pires could prove to be an exciting near-term investment with the benefit of little obvious downside risk.

Containing cash of approximately £600,000 after its £410,000 recent investment in Rame Energy ("Rame") and with an NAV of over £1.5m – against a market cap of only £1.2 million – Aim listed Pires looks set to build on this initial investment to become an active player in the renewable energy sector which remains a likely beneficiary of increasing government sponsorship.

Pires's first substantial investment, Rame, has already generated an unrealised gain of around 20% and appears to be a well-managed, serious, participant in the wind and solar renewable energy sectors – particularly in the fast growing emerging market of Chile. Rame appears well on its way to achieving its power production targets for 2014/2015 which, according to broker Northland Capital, should see the value of Pires's investment double in the short term if Northland's Rame valuation prediction is correct. In addition Pires has a useful bundle of Rame warrants to add some spice to its investment.

This increase in the value of Rame should add a further £500,000 or approximately 40% to the value of Pires, excluding the possibility that Redmond and Armstrong could well use Pires to acquire a substantial energy company akin to their hugely successful reversal of Igas into KP Renewables. Investors in Igas have seen a tripling of their investment in two years with prospects for Igas's shale activities continuing to look bright.

For a company with a stock market value of only £1.2 million, and trading at a discount of more around 20% to NAV, Pires looks like a low risk bet on two highly experienced shell players that could deliver stellar returns on a short to medium term view. Furthermore, as an additional underpin of value, the Directors only have existing authority to issue new Pires shares at 0.10p per share which is roughly double the current share price. All told, a purchase of Pires shares at anywhere near the current price of 0.0525p per share looks like a real bargain.

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