By Max Clarke

In yet another twist in the increasingly bizarre phone hacking debacle, Piers Morgan has found himself tarred with accusations of voicemail interception.

During the hearing of James and Rupert Murdoch, Tory MP Louise Mensch claimed that Morgan, then editor of News of the World, had boasted about phone hacking in his book.

Morgan then took to CNN for a heated 9 minute debate with the MP who, not being under the same legal inculpability as afforded in Commons, refused to repeat the accusation.

“Just went toe-to-toe with Louise Mensch on @wolfblitzercnn - I called her a liar, and she refused to repeat the allegations....” boasted Morgan’s Twitter feed.

“Ms Mensch said she couldn't repeat allegations because she wouldn't have parliamentary privilege to protect her. Laughable and cowardly,” Morgan later tweeted last night.

Morgan assumed the offensive again this morning, tweeting: “Read my book yet @LouiseMensch ? If so, are you ready to make a public apology for your lies about me today?”

Louise Mensch again refused to repeat the allegations levelled at Morgan during the inquiry, and her only tweet to acknowledge Morgan simply read: “@piersmorgan Oh Piers, give over. Do I look like @Lord_Sugar to you? #handbagsatdawn”

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