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There are a variety of personality profiling tools available, such as DISC, Myers Briggs, and PROPHET, which will help you to identify somebody's behaviours and personality traits during the recruitment process. You will then be able to match these against your requirements for the role, and the existing profiles within the team. Although these are a useful tool in the recruitment process, please remember that they are only a guide, and can’t be used in place of an interview. Often, your own intuition can be more reliable than these tests!

DISC profiling is one of the more common forms of profiling, and allows you to have a rating of an individual's attributes in the following areas:





This is a tool that I’ve used with my own teams, and through reverse questioning (answering the questions in the way that I’d like an employee too) I’ve been able to construct an “ideal” profile for particular roles. Something to always bear in mind with these tools is that they can be influenced by an individuals working conditions on a certain day – and indeed are possible to be manipulated. There is also an “internal” DISC and an “external” DISC, being the true results and those projected to the outside world. In times of stress or pressure, an individual may revert to their “internal” DISC.

By Carl Reader, author of The Start Up Guide and The Franchise Handbook