By Jason Sullock, New Customer Marketing Manager, Sage

Payroll Year End can be a tough time of year, simply because there are so many things you need to consider to remain legally compliant.

It’s a tricky balancing act...

One of the busiest periods of the year and for many people it's double trouble because it's Financial Year End too.
So how do small business owners juggle the priorities of their job, with their obligations to HMRC; the H&SE; their employees, and their family at this time?

I suspect the ones that have the least issues, are the ones that seek out advice, and are organised.

Let's face it; nobody actually, really, wants to pay their hard-earned money to the Government... nobody actually wants to be bothered with risk assessments... do they?

Equally, I'm fairly certain most people want to do the job they love or are good at. And I'm betting that nearly everyone wants to be liked by their employees, and really does want (despite the jokes) to spend more time with their family.

It's just that all the horrible stuff - the red tape, the forms, the do's and don'ts of health & safety, the Payroll year end process, the accounts, and all the people management issues... they're all absolutely necessary.

Advice and organisation is the key to dealing with them.

Where to begin?

'If you want to know the time, ask a Policeman' so the saying goes, but if you want to know how to manage Payroll and Financial Year End, ask the people who have to deal with it:

Payroll Year End & Financial Year End

HMRC - PAYE end-of-year tasks at a glance

Sage - Payroll Year End Survival Kit

HR Advice & Employment Law

Sage - Reliable HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety advice … when you need it

Health & Safety Advice

Sage - Reliable HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety advice … when you need it

Download Top Tips for Payroll Year End - This two-page checklist will help keep you on the straight and narrow.

What it covers:

1. Your obligations - what you need to do as an employer.

2. Essential contact details.

3. How to get ready for Payroll Year End.

4. Essential checklist.

5. Online submissions.

6. Timings.

7. Expert help.

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