By Claire West

Leading software developer Panintelligence will be showcasing their highly sophisticated dashboard at the Technology for Marketing & Advertising Expo (TFM&A) in Earls Court February 28-29 2012. Panintelligence tracks KPIs and monitors individual, team and corporate goals in real-time. Accessible from anywhere, including mobile devices, it offers genuine transparent insight to business users and front line staff and promotes collaboration across the organisation.

Mike Cripps of Panintelligence says, “Marketing and advertising agencies are challenged with a plethora of data held in many different systems and getting a real-time view of performance down to each single campaign can be really difficult. Tracking KPIs in real-time and being able to adjust campaigns mid-stream can make all the difference for a successful ROI on a particular campaign.

The Panintelligence dashboard provides agencies with the ability to bring all marketing data together, manage multi-channel campaigns in a single view, and make informed proactive decisions. The dashboard is completely database agnostic and provides real-time information at your fingertips delivered in a web browser to your lap top or to any mobile/tablet. Hence, it is incredibly well suited for wide deployment extending the use to frontline staff as well as end clients. This enables agencies to provide ‘at a glance’ real-time client reporting online. You can choose to receive instant alerts if a key threshold is crossed - for good or for bad, and take immediate action as appropriate.

We will be demonstrating an operational dashboard at the Expo using a Marketing Agency scenario. The aim is to give visitors a snapshot top level view with drill down to the underlying data, looking at variances, marketing campaign efficiency data such as; clicks, opens, bounce rates, and outcome to include revenues and costs associated with each campaign.

With the dashboard, businesses can make their data transparent thereby helping to maximise efficiency, something we know many Marketing and Advertising agencies will truly benefit from. With so much pressure on margins, we also believe that it is imperative to provide a cost effective tool which allows users to freely explore the data that is relevant to them without having to part with the cost, time and resources typically associated with traditional enterprise level reporting and BI implementations.”

The Panintelligence dashboard is also available for OEM white labeling and the company will be aiming to engage with other software companies looking for a BI tool to embed within their own Marketing & Advertising Management software solutions. Panintelligence already has successful OEM relationships with many large and mid-size software authors across a range of business sectors and testimonials can be found in the news section of the Panintelligence website on

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