Oxford university

Oxford has been named the most motivated city in the UK in a survey conducted by cloud-based incentive firm Xcatly.

The research found that Oxford has the highest proportion of workers (53%) who say they would continue to work even when they didn't have to. By contrast, Sheffield describes itself as the least self-motivated city in the UK, with over half (54%) of the city’s workers stating they wouldn’t work if they didn’t need to.

Exploring what actually motivates our workforce, residents of UK cities cited financial incentives as the top motivating factor for “going the extra mile at work”. Nottingham workers were most in favour of an increased basic salary (45%) while in Birmingham, better bonuses were the top motivational factor for 32% of workers.

When looking at what non-financial incentives could motivate the workforce, the study revealed that in Sheffield, extra holiday was the preferred incentive (32%), food and drinks were the top motivator in Newcastle (36%) and workers in Belfast preferred short breaks and days out (16%).

Tom Castley, ‎vice president EMEA at Xactly, said: “These findings highlight the gap between what motivates employees across UK cities and what businesses are doing to engage them. It’s clear that financial incentives are the best ways to engage employees across the UK, and generate increased productivity.

“Of course, this isn’t about throwing money at the problem – but smart, performance-based financial reward must be utilised.”