By Daniel hunter

The Olympics are suspected to be behind new data that shows the start of June has seen a 130% increase in money-savvy savers from around the world searching for bargains and discounts that they can use when they come to the United Kingdom.

The number of people visiting a UK money saving site from overseas has grown by 130% over the last month, with the majority of overseas searches relating to offers that coincide with the start of the Olympics. discovered the growth in overseas traffic as a result
of a rise in questions and requests from foreign visitors about ways of
saving money whilst visiting the UK.

The Top 5 most requested and used money-saving deals from overseas site
visitors have been in the following sectors:

1. Restaurant vouchers and offers
2. Hotel and accommodation offers
3. Train ticket offers
4. Flight offers
5. Attraction offers

The Olympics are expected to attract an additional 450,000* overseas
visitors to the UK, along with 5.5m day visitors and this is thought to be
one of the reasons that the demand for money saving offers is increasing so

The Top 5 Countries where demand for UK discounts is coming from is as

1. South Africa
2. Germany
3. USA
4. Spain
5. Canada

Speaking about the rise in demand for vouchers from overseas site visitors,
George Charles, marketing director of, said:

"The increase in overseas visitors looking for vouchers and deals that
coincide with the start of the Olympics has been staggering and with
restaurant vouchers topping the most searched for lists it is clear that
people are coming over to party; and that the economy is going to benefit in
a big way!

"We were massively surprised to see Spain featuring in the top 5 countries where most overseas searches came from, given their recent money plight, but it goes to show that they are keen to support their nation's athletes.”

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