By Daniel Hunter

The percentage of accountancy and finance contractors working in the public sector has increased to 51%, according to recent research by professional umbrella employment provider, giant group.

This figure is up by 12% from 2011, and by 5% from the latest survey which was carried out at the beginning of this year. Results coincide with the expected rise in this type of job opportunity; last year 35% predicted they would see an increase in job prospects in the public sector. And, according to 44% of finance professionals, this is expected to increase further over the next 12 months.

“The findings of this survey are perhaps unsurprising given the expectations identified in our earlier report," Matthew Brown, Managing Director of giant said.

"However, it paints a positive image of a growing contractor opportunity, one which we expect to continue as new public sector developments bring about greater opportunities over the next few months.”

Not all sectors have seen the same level of activity though, with percentages of finance contractors in investment banking and asset management decreasing by 11% since 2011 to only 5%.

“Investment banks are still being cautious over contract recruitment,” said Brown, “We’re generally seeing a flattening of recruitment in the sector as the banks are forced to be much stricter when it comes to taking on new hires, and little change is predicted over the coming 12 months.”

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