By Claire West

Research released from YouGov’s iPhone iTrack study reveals that 15% of Orange iPhone users are planning to move to a different network (“churn”). The network does not fare well in the study in comparison to other UK mobile phone networks.

The latest findings indicate Orange need to do more to raise customer satisfaction and gain brand loyalty with iPhone users. Orange iPhone customers rate the operator lowest, on 10 out of 14 satisfaction criteria.

‘Churn’ or ‘Churn rate’ is a term used to measure the proportion of customers who switch network providers once their contract ends. Potential churn rate serves as an excellent indicator to levels of customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and the overall quality of services provided by a mobile phone network.

Reasons why iPhone Orange users want to churn:

•60% believe that they could get better network coverage elsewhere

•58% say that they are disappointed with Orange’s network

•46% say that they can get a better connection elsewhere

•39% say they can get a more reliable service elsewhere

•29% say Orange is expensive

Whilst Orange could see some benefits from the new Everything Everywhere company structure, T-Mobile doesn’t fair much better in the iPhone iTrack study, being worst for two measures of quality and furthermore, having the lowest recommendation rating out of all operators.

In contrast, Vodafone came out as the operator of choice amongst all churners, with just under a quarter (22%) of all potential churners planning on switching to the network. Vodafone and 3 have the lowest churn rate.