By Charlotte Hogg, Co-founder of TheEntrepreneursWorkout

Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt hit our screen late in 2000 in the hit film, 'What Women Want'. The film which grossed 374 USD shared the story of Nick, an advertising executive who had the unique ability to understand what women really want after an electrical accident.

Of course, as is the case for many men, the revelations of a woman's simple need for affection, attention and romance were like finding the keys to an undiscovered kingdom, learning a foreign language or having an encounter with the extra-terrestrials.

Whilst watching the film the other day I thought to myself, 'they should do one of these for entrepreneurs' for it is undeniable that we are a breed that are slightly unique, a challenge to understand and can seem slightly irrational and unreasonable to many members of society.

And what do we really want? Whilst I haven't been electrocuted and had magical powers embedded deep into my psyche, I certainly have had my fingers burnt enough times to know what works, what doesn't and the pain and loneliness that can be experienced as part of the entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurship is being increasingly encouraged and promoted by the government, by careers advisers and consultants. Information is more widely available and with almost no barriers to entry almost anyone can give it a go. However, I fear that just like romance, the whole experience has been somewhat glamourised and we may all be living in hope of finding something that only really exists in the movies.

Having launched over 30 companies, written a few books and worked with a number of the Dragons and secret millionaires, I would like to think I'm well placed to have an opinion on the reality of love. Yep, ultimately, it is just like a relationship - between you, and your business. Just like love it will consume you, become part of you and be the reason for the most extraordinary highs as well as earth shattering lows. And, just like love, if you aren't in the right place yourself or fall in love with the wrong man, woman, or business idea, the ride will be all the more turbulent and is likely to end in disaster or destruction.

So what do we really want and in reality, what do we really need? Well, despite easier access to funds, an increase number of conferences, events and inspiring real life stories, many of us will still land at our kitchen table or a coffee shop counter on a Monday morning not knowing what to do, how to manage our money or get people to hear about us.

I have been lucky enough to meet and work with some of the most successful guys in the business. I have probably had more support and insight than most yet when push has come to shove, I've still made a lot of mistakes, misused advice and 'just kept going' in the belief that things will come good in the end.

I understand the entrepreneurial mindset more than I have understood my business and the tougher times have become, the more I've clung on to the romantic dream - hoping that eventually my business will love me back, buy me flowers or be the perfect dinner guest. Alas, like all relationships that we know aren't going to work, they have ended in an explosion of heart ache and a world of pain.

From my experiences I have concluded that what we really need is practical and personalised advice that provides us with affordable, realistic entrepreneurial education. In my mind that education should be telling us what to do next and how to do it. It should help us create a road map and an action plan that will stop us making ill informed decisions, financial fuck ups and subjective, rather than objective, options and opportunities.

Aside from the practicalities, it is obvious that we will also need some support with our mindset and entrepreneurial approach. Thinking possible, being stubborn, determined and dreaming about where we may end up are all great but in reality we need to know how to stay well when stress and exhaustion is kicking our immune system, how to remain in control and create clarity in chaos and how to hold our head high and ooze confidence when our business dreams are dying.

Two women, who firmly believe we can all have it all, have created frameworks, ebooks and on and off line courses to give entrepreneurs what they really want. The courses are affordable, accessible and have already been used and endorsed by some of the industry heart throbs and celebrities.

The question is, just like women, are you ready to accept what you want, jump off the romance roller coaster and find comfort in the nice guy rather than drama and excitement in the bad one.

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