By Daniel Hunter

David Howell, Guardian Wealth Management, predicts the Far East will become the number one spot for expats as Singapore braces itself for an explosion of foreign workers.

“While once upon a time, Brits dreamt of moving to the south of Spain, the Far East has become the expat destination du jour. We have witnessed thousands of expats flocking to Hong Kong and Singapore is fast following suit.

"These jurisdictions offer favourable conditions to foreign workers including booming economies, attractive tax regimes and a higher standard of living. With markets in the West continuing to battle deep economic uncertainty, it should come as little surprise that increasing numbers of people are leaving our shores in search of something more exciting.”

David’s comments came in response to news that Singapore’s population could rise by up to 30% by 2030, largely fuelled by foreigners. The island is expecting an extra one million foreigners to relocate there by 2030.

“Singapore is making real strides in both infrastructure and business models and we expect this to be replicated across different parts of Asia as the general shift towards doing business in the Far East continues.”

'Open to Export' is a UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) initiative in partnership with hibu plc (formerly Yell Group).

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